Second Grade

Second Grade Music Curriculum
Second graders receive music instruction from a credentialed music specialist one day per week for 40 minutes. Students learn about music through lively activities including listening, singing, and moving to music. Children’s books, manipulatives, and singing games are incorporated into music lessons to help children learn basic music skills:

  • sing age-appropriate songs from memory
  • match pitch and develop healthy singing voice/head voice
  • dentify and demonstrate understanding of do, re, mi, so, la
  • identify and demonstrate rhythms including ta, titi, rest, ta-a
  • identify and demonstrate four beat meter
  • sing simple 2 part rounds
  • identify and demonstrate understanding of steps and skips
  • use musical vocabulary to describe music
  • move to music through simple dances and singing games

Christa Gutheinz, Vocal/General Music Specialist
Email: [email protected]