Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Music Curriculum
Fifth graders receive music instruction from a credentialed music specialist one day per week for 50 minutes. Students learn music concepts through singing and learning how to play the ukulele.
  • sing age-appropriate songs from memory
  • match pitch and develop healthy singing voice/head voice
  • identify and demonstrate an understanding of the major scale
  • identify and demonstrate an understanding of rhythms including ta, titi, rest, ta-a, tika-tika, ti-tika, tika-ti, syncopa, ta-a-a-a, half rest, tum-ti (quarter, eighth, half, sixteenth, whole, dotted quarter notes)
  • identify and demonstrate melodic notes d, r, m, f, s, l, t, low l, low s, high do (Major Scale)
  • identify and demonstrate absolute pitch names of the treble staff
  • identify and demonstrate chords on the ukulele
  • sing songs while accompanying themselves on the ukulele
Christa Gutheinz, Vocal/General Music Specialist