About Mrs. G

About Mrs Gutheinz

Mrs. Gutheinz received her Bachelor of Music Degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, where she was active in A Cappella Choir, Opera Workshop, and Mu Phi Epsilon. Since that time, Mrs. Gutheinz has completed her Level III certification for Kodaly and Level II certification for Orff methods. She has served as Past President and website manager for the Kodaly Association of Southern California, a professional organization that provides workshops and support for music teachers throughout Southern California.  She has also taught musicianship classes for the Los Angeles Children's Choir. Mrs. Gutheinz began teaching at Hawthorne School in 1998. She instructs kindergarten through fifth-grade vocal/general music as well as the Hawthorne ElementaryHonor Choir for grades three through five. Mrs. Gutheinz was recognized in 2010 with "Hawthorne School PTA Outstanding Teacher Award" and in 2012 with the "Apple Award."  She was also nominated for the "Arts Educator's Bravo Award," for which she received an Honorable Mention.