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Friends of Hawthorne


The Friends of Hawthorne Annual Fund Drive is the largest fund raising effort of the year. Our Teachers and Administrators rely heavily on the money we raise.

Why Give?

It is hard to believe, but our tax dollars pay for little more than the teacher’s salaries, the physical school building, tables and chairs, and some very basic items. Our classrooms would be almost empty if not for PTA dollars and the families who
provide them.

California schools are among the lowest funded in the nation. BHUSD is undergoing a budget crisis. Support for programs across the board continue to be cut, from music and art, to basic subjects like science.

What About My Child?

Every child benefits from a high level of parent and community support.

Hawthorne is a California School to Watch, and one of the highest performing in Beverly Hills.

BHUSD is known to be a top-notch school system, with rigorous academics and a well-rounded curriculum, including STEM, music, art, drama and physical education. These and other programs will dwindle away if funding diminishes.

Families living in communities without such a high quality school system, endure the uncertainty of trying for a spot in a Magnet or Charter school, or have no choice but to pay on average $25,000 per student, per year, for private school.
In these cases, however, parents are guaranteed that THEIR child will have access to cutting edge technology, teachers with the tools and resources to be creative, and a comprehensive education. These “private school kids” will go out into the world, equipped with knowledge of fine literature, poetry, musical appreciation, dance, philosophy, language, athletics and all the technological savvy needed for our competitive global society, and an enriched life.
After School Coding Language Arts support
Chess Club Math Counts
Conflict Manager Program Musical Theater
Dancing Classrooms Musical Instruments
Gardening Science Programs
GenYES Student Leader Program Winter Choir Concert
Intervention Specialists Yearbook Cameras
Language Arts support Yoga for TK/K
Teachers Attending Conferences (Google Summit, Schools to Watch, GATE, WEB anti-bullying program—Middle School) Technology (I-pads, Chromebooks & Carts, 3D printer, Software, ViewSonic Touch Screens, Wi-Fi zones)

How Much to Give?

$300-500 per student is our goal.
Other local public schools ask for as much as $1,850 per child minimum.

In past years, only about 50% of Hawthorne Families have given ANYTHING, and only about half of them at the $500 or greater level. Still, your principals, teachers and PTA have managed to provide the above listed and more!

Of course, not everyone has the same financial situation. If you can afford more, please, please, give generously. If you cannot manage $500, please give what you can. BUT, if you have a child at Hawthorne, GIVE SOMETHING. Your money will be part of the resource pool, which pays for items and programs YOUR child will be using now, and in the future.

You Matter!

If you believe your contribution is not necessary because others are giving, just know that half of Hawthorne’s 400+ families said THE SAME THING to themselves, and our kids lose out as a result. EVERY contribution influences HOW MUCH we can do!

Can you imagine what our school could be if EVERY family participated? 

How to Give?

Contributions can be made online or by check, payable to HAWTHORNE PTA
mailed to: Hawthorne PTA, 624 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Donations can also be made online at: Click on the “Donate to Friends of Hawthorne” icon in the upper left corner.
All contributions are tax deductible, and include PTA membership.

Additionally, your donation may be eligible for your company’s corporate matching gift program!
Please email with any donation questions.