Hawthorne PTA

Welcome Hawthorne Vikings


Welcome to the 2020-21 School year.  This year is unique because we are forced to change the way we think and do everything. We know everyone is adjusting to the new “normal” and our school Parent Teacher Association is more important than ever this year. The PTA strives to make our school the best place for all students.  


Everyone is invited and encouraged to join the PTA and attend our monthly meetings.  Attending the meetings keeps you informed in all things happening at the school, and as a member, you have a vote in all PTA decisions.


We are excited to see how many creative virtual new ways our PTA can get you involved at Hawthorne. 


  • Virtual Meetings - you don’t have to find parking on Rexford and walk all the way to the meeting!
  • PTA is going paperless- So all those papers that came home in notebooks and got tossed before you looked at them? They are now virtual and you can ignore the email using our new PTA Phone App
  • FREE STUFF! Every PTA membership gets a FREE limited edition Hawthorne Mask. join
  • PTA Member only discounts that you actually want! Trust us, we know you don’t have plans to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific any time soon… It comes with perks!
  • PTA Sponsorship Opportunities to help us meet our fundraising goal of

 $100,000, so you don’t have to be guilted into donating more! Just because we are virtual, doesn't mean we can't do great things! We are counting on each and every donation of $300-500/per child to the annual fund.




By joining the PTA we are not going to hound you to volunteer! You don’t have to roll up your windows in carpool when you see us coming, you can ignore us virtually! We are all busy parents, if you prefer to either donate time or make a contribution, we are glad to have your help in making this year the best it can be. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our 2020-21 PTA family!


Your Co-Presidents,


Jessica  and   Carrie

Jessica Gusow and Carrie Ucer