Principal's Message

Dear Hawthorne Families,

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome new and returning families to the 2020-2021 academic year!   Whether you are new to our school or are returning, we are excited to have you and your child or children as part of our school family. 

This will be a year like no other.  We will be on iPads and laptops on Zoom and Google.  Even through a screen, our faculty and support staff are committed to providing every child with academic experiences and social-emotional wellness that will result in a rewarding school year.  The goal is for our virtual classrooms to mimic our brick and mortal experiences to the best of our ability.  This means that on any given day and during any given lesson:

  • Teachers will be working in small breakout groups, just as we do in the classroom. 
  • Teachers will work with individuals to offer extra support, just as we do in the classroom. 
  • Students are so engaged in a lesson or project that a lesson from one subject may carry over into another subject’s specific time, just as we do in the classroom. 
  • Administrators will be in a Zoom session,  just as we are in the classroom. 
  • Parents and Tutors are not permitted in the lesson, just as they would not be in a classroom.


I am immensely proud of the Hawthorne School teaching staff.  They have worked tirelessly throughout the summer to ensure the success of all students.   Our teachers spent their own time attending training, building materials, and learning best practices to be ready for virtual learning.  

At Hawthorne, we believe that the school staff and our families form a vital team, working together to assist our children in their academic and social-emotional growth.  Now, more than ever, we need parents and community member involvement.  For this reason, we have allotted most of the first week of school for one on one conferences with each student and their family.   You will not see much in ways of academic work this first week as our priority is to build communities and connections within classes.  

As the year goes on, please lean on us and lean on each other when you need support.  Never be afraid to reach out to our staff with a question or concern.  We are relying on you to be our partners.  There are several ways as parents you can stay up to date with the many activities at Hawthorne. Please follow the PTA link on the Hawthorne website for information and membership. 

We continue to push our students to follow the HERO expectations. Even virtually our staff is committed to teaching our students to be Honorable, Engaged, Responsible and Open-Minded.  Please join us every Wednesday morning at our school-wide assemblies to learn more about being a Hawthorne HERO and see HEROs in action.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Sarah K. Kaber