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Welcome to an exciting new year at BHUSD and the fourth year of our  STEM program! I am eager to begin this year’s journey within the context of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! I look forward to the opportunity of challenging and encouraging your child toward multi-subject success this year. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and give you some brief information about our STEM class. This is my third year at Hawthorne! Previously, I have taught biology at the high school and collegiate levels. I have a MS in molecular genetics and have applied my love of studying the very small to the incomprehensibly large as an astrobiologist. Astrobiology was the first spark that ignited my interest in science and brought me on this wonderful career path. Prior to discovering my love of teaching, I worked extensively "in the field." My recent projects have included working for NASA, where I researched using oxygen produced by algae in sustained human space flight, and The Wild Dolphin Project, which involved a two way communication system with dolphins (a very STEM oriented project since it involved cross collaboration between computer scientists and cetacean biologists-check the links for fun resources on these projects!). I hope to take these experiences and bring to my students all the curiosity, awe, and just plain fun of learning and exploring the world around us.

About your STEM class:
Over the next school year, we will expand on all of your knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
This year we will focus on the following topics. In Sixth Grade:
-Design and Modeling (design process, sketching, computer modeling, and our 3D printer!)
-Automation and Robotics (we have VEX kits to build and program actual robots!) 
In Elective STEM Class:
-Green Architecture
-Energy and the Environment
-Medical Detectives
-Personal Investigation Project (students explore a STEM topic of their choosing and do research under the guidance and supervision of Mrs.Crane)

 The most important thing to accomplish this year is to EXPLORE! Students will develop critical thinking skills through hands on project based learning, which will prepare them to take on real world challenges. STEM is a way to connect subjects in meaningful ways that you can apply to your lives beyond middle school, high school and even college! I look forward to the year! Do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns along the way