Hi Families!  I'm Gena Schmid and I love being a Viking!  I have been teaching since 2002 and exclusively at Hawthorne since 2012.  I am here by choice since this is career number 2.  I started teaching in LAUSD teaching middle school math and science.  When I first moved to BHUSD I taught English Language Learners which was great.  I then was lucky enough to teach 3rd great at El Rodeo and have Mrs. Kaber as a colleague.  3rd grade was an amazing place to be, but I needed to return to my home at Hawthorne.  The only way to do that was to teach Kindergarten.  I knew the amazing teachers would be supportive and even though it wasn't what I wanted, I took the job.  Ten years later, it was the best decision I've ever made!  I was not only with an amazing team, I truly found a grade level I loved since I could get students excited about learning from the very beginning and really teach them how to go to school while also instilling that love of learning and thinking.  When I had the chance to make the move to TK in 2022, I couldn't resist the opportunity.  I enjoy the opportunity to take on the challenge of helping to to create a strong program and help it expand.  I'm thrilled to instill the idea that mistakes are a normal part of life and the best way to learn is through PLAY! Most importantly -  once a Schmidty, Always a Schmidty!