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Bullying Information

Hawthorne School is committed to making our community and school a
safe, caring, and welcoming place for all our children and teens. We will
treat each other with respect, and we will refuse to tolerate bullying in any
form in our community or at our school.

Our community and school define respect as follows: Treat others with
the dignity and regard with which you would want to be treated.

Our community and school define bullying* as follows: Bullying is a
mean and one-sided activity on or off campus intended to harm. Bullying
can be verbal, physical, and/or relational; have as its overlay race,
ethnicity, religion, gender (including sexual orientation), physical, or mental
ability; includes all forms of hazing and cyberbullying. It can be and often
is continuous and repeated over time, however, once is enough to
constitute bullying. [*To include the “reasonable pupil” standard per Ed
Code 48900R]

Bullying that happens off of school grounds, including all forms of
cyberbullying, can impact the feeling of safety the targeted child has upon
returning to school with the perpetrators and can create an intimidating,
hostile, or offensive environment for all students. The school will address
these actions when necessary for the well-being and safety of the
community and all students involved.