In accordance with Education Code and Welfare and Institutions Code (EC 46010, 48200-28204, 48260-48263, and WIC 601), parents are legally required to send their children to school regularly and to make certain they are on time each day.  It is very important for all students to arrive at school every day on time. Students are expected to remain on campus at all times and to attend school for legally excused reasons (illness, medical appointments, bereavement, or quarantine). 


The following is the mandatory procedure for all parents and guardians of students at Hawthorne School:

  1. If your child is absent from school for any reason, you must call the Main Office at (310) 229-3675 by 9:00 a.m. to notify office staff of the absence and reason for absence. You can also email  [email protected]

  2. If your child returns to school at any time during the school day, the student must check in at the front office with a signed note from you explaining the exact reason for the late arrival. 

  3. If your child arrives late to school for a valid medical appointment, they must come to the attendance office with a note from the medical professional’s office and they will be marked excused and sent to class.  

  4. All students returning from one or more full days of absence must have an absence slip stating the specific nature of the absence and dates of absence.  This slip must be signed by a legal guardian. 


Failure to comply with these procedures, may result in your child being considered truant.  Chronic tardiness or absences will result in further action with the District and attendance officers.  Parents may be requested to appear before the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and subsequently be referred to the District Attorney and/or Youth Services (Probation) for legal action when attendance, tardiness, and/or behavior problems occur.  It is extremely important for your child’s learning process that s/he attends school every day.  Please do not keep children out of school unless it is absolutely necessary.