I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I studied Sociology at SUNY, New Paltz. In 1992, I drove across the country to live in California with two friends. I started working as a teacher in 1995, at the HELP Group, a non-public school in Sherman Oaks. I earned two teaching credentials and a Masters Degree in Special Education. In 2000, I started working with the Beverly Hills Unified School District. I have taught students as young as four and as old as 18. I was married in 2004 to Andrews Greenleaf, a teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School (He was my aide at the HELP Group in 1997 :)). We have two amazing boys, Charlie and Henry, who attended Hawthorne Elementary School. Both boys refer to their years at Hawthorne as a time they wish they could go back to; I will always cherish the years where I taught at the school my boys attended. I am so grateful for the education and love they received from the Beverly Hills Unified School District. I have worked with so many amazing educators over the last twenty-plus years and have learned so much. I truly love my job, the students and families that I work with, and my colleagues. I feel blessed to have a job that makes me so happy and to be able to work with so many talented, caring, and supportive people. I have always thought that if you love your job, then you never feel like you are working; that is how I feel every day.