Hawthorne School

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Aeries Communications


Did you know that you control how you receive communications from Hawthorne School and the District? Do you prefer a phone call? Text? Email? Maybe a combination of options?

To adjust your notification preferences, log into the Aeries Parent Portal and click on Communications.

  • In Communications - click on your personal profile avatar: it is the circle with your initials in it. You also have the option of selecting your own photo for your avatar.
  • A drop down menu appears: Personal Info, Feed Manager, Notifications
  • Click on Notifications. Check and uncheck boxes to indicate how you would like to receive each type of announcement from the school district.
  • Emergency Announcements will automatically be sent in all formats.
  • Step by step instructions can be found in the Aeries Parent Portal / Aeries Communications FAQ on the BUHSD.org homepage. It is located on the right side menu.