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Welcome to the world of technology!

My name is Ms. Stefanopoulos and I have the privilege of teaching your children how to navigate today's modern technology while reinforcing the learning taking place in their classrooms.


Below is a brief summary of what your students learn in each grade level:


  • The parts of the computer
  • How to use a mouse
  • Reinforce basic letters and beginning reading

1st Grade:

  • Additional mouse manipulation
  • Reading and phonics
  • Math

2nd Grade:

  • Beginning typing skills
  • More reading and phonics
  • More math

3rd Grade:

  • Continue skills from 2nd grade
  • Beginning Microsoft Word
  • Basic Internet skills

4th Grade:

  • More functions in Microsoft Word
  • Internet research
  • Mission project

5th Grade

  • Advanced features in Microsoft Word
  • Beginning Microsoft Excel
  • Beginning Adobe InDesign

6th Grade:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

7th/8th Grade:

  • Basic/Intermediate graphic design using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator