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Welcome to Miss Kort's class page. Below you will see recent posts from Miss Kort. You may also select from the menu on the right for additional resources and information.

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Similes and Metaphors (Figurative Language)

This clever song teaches students about the similarities and differences about similes and metaphors.

4th Grade Suggested Reading Lists

Below are a few recommended reading lists that I feel include excellent book choices for your 4th grader.

4th Grade Recommended Book List (Hawthorne 4th Grade) - This list has been recommended by the 4th grade teachers at Hawthorne past and present.

BookSource Common Core-Aligned Reading List (Grade 3-5)  - This website divides the books into genres and gives the level for the books as well. It also gived you the option to purchase the books from their site.

GreatSchools.com's Favorite Books for 4th Graders - This website has a list that includes many of the "classic" choices for 4th grade, but also includes kids' favorites. The site divides them by genre.

Keep in mind that students should be reading at a Guided Reading Level somewhere between O-T. Being that it is the beginning of the year, the typical levels are O,P,Q. However, students should use the IPICK strategy to choose books that are "just right" for them.

To find out what level a book is, you can use the Scholastic Book Wizard or simply "Google" the title of the book along with the words "reading level".

I hope this helps to point you in the direction for "just right" books for your child! Happy Reading!

Finding Just Right Good Fit Books: BOOK WIZARD

Some parents have been asking:

How can I find books at the appropriate level for my child?


First, your child knows how to choose a "Just Right, Good Fit" book using the I.P.I.C.K strategy.

I - I choose my book (not you)

P - Purpose (Why am I reading?)

I - Interest (Do I like it?)

C - Comprehend (Do I understand?)

K - Know (Do I know most of the words?)


If you find that your child is choosing books that are too difficult or too easy, you may want a tool to help guide them in the right direction at the book store or the public library. One great tool is the Book Wizard by Scholastic.


Book WizardHow to search for books


1. Find similar books

  • Click on the tab that says "Search for similar books"
  • Enter the title of a book that you know is a good fit for them (not too easy, not too hard)
  • Voila! A list of books at a similar level will appear.

2. Search by reading level

  • Click on the tab that says "Search by Reading Level"
  • Select "Guided Reading Level"
  • Set a range from two levels below your child's reading level, to one level above your child's reading level.
  • A list of books will appear within a reasonable range that you can have your child choose from

3. Look up the reading level of books your child has chosen

  • Enter the book's title into the "Search for All Books" search bar.
  • Select "Guided Reading Level"
  • The book should appear with the reading level of the book that you selected

It is important to note that this is one tool (albeit a good one). Your child should not be limited by the Scholastic Book Wizard. Not all books are in the system, so that can sometimes pose as a problem.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to use the Book Wizard as a tool! I will be sending home your child's reading level this week or next week.  

Choosing Just Right, Good Fit Books with Your Child

I am sure your child has been telling you about the Daily 5 and all the reading and writing we have been doing in our classroom! We are up to 18 minutes of read to self stamina, and we are excited about that!

We have been learning how to choose just right, good fit books and why it is important to choose books that we can read. Research shows when children are reading independently, they should be reading books they understand and can read. Reading books that are too difficult can lead to frustration, inability to understand the story, and then reading is no longer enjoyable. We want children to enjoy reading, which means it is important they are reading books they are interested in and on their just right level! Research also shows that children are motivated to read when they can choose their own books.

Many parents have asked, “How can I help my child choose books that he or she can read?” There is a very simple way to help your child choose good fit books. It is called IPICK.

IPICK is an acronym that stands for: I choose books to read, Purpose, Interest, Comprehend, and

Know the words. Here are some easy steps that you and your child can follow in order to choose just right, good fit books:

1. Have your child choose a book. This is the first I in IPICK which means “I choose books to read”.

2. Ask your child, “What is your purpose for choosing this book?” You may also want to ask, “is it for fun or to learn something?” This is the P in IPICK which means purpose.

3. Ask your child, “Is this a book you are interested in?” This is the second I, which means interest.

4. Have your child read a page of the book. After your child reads the page, ask your child, “Who did you read about and what did they do?”. This is the C in IPICK which stands for Comprehend. If it is a good fit book your child should be able to answer your question.

5. Have your child read another page (or use the same page) and ask, “Did you know the words?”. This is the K in IPICK which stands for know the words. Your child should know all or almost all of the words in order for it to be a good fit book.

Going through the steps of choosing a good fit book should only take a couple minutes. Many children can easily choose good fit books once they have mastered the process of IPICK. Other children may need more guidance from mom or dad as they choose good fit books. This is an ongoing process that we will continue to learn and practice at school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for supporting your child’s education at home!



Adapted from a letter written by Alicia Darby ©www.thedailycafe.com